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PiCQ -FRN radio gateway based on alterFRN for the Raspberry Pi

PiCQ is a so-called image for the single board computer Raspberry. The operating system used is Raspbian in the Lite version, Alsa-WebUI, Linux-Dash, and the FRN client alterFRN.

  • Online it is a FRN gateway.
  • Offline it is a local emergency radio/offline gateway, relay or repeater (Parrot).
  • Packet radio/APRS TNC Through Direwolf the device can be used at gateway 2, alternatively as TNC for packet radio or as APRS i-Node.

The aforementioned software was combined to a Web UI and enables the operation of two radio gateway's for the Freeradionetwork. The aim is to simplify the use of the FRN client alterFRN for a loan by operating and managing the whole system (similar to a router) via a web interface from the browser.

During operation, the gateways can be operated via the Web UI or a radio with DTMF tones without the need to connect a monitor or keyboard to the Raspberry (headless). Room name and call status can optionally be displayed on a 4×20 character LCD display.

PiCQ now also has an emergency radio mode. This makes it possible to use PiCQ without Internet. Both gateways can be connected in emergency radio mode via a local server, which is only started then. Thus it is possible to connect 2 radio bands locally (without Internet) with each other. (e.g. CB radio and PMR) Both gateways can also be used as parrot relays. In this mode the gateway only repeats a radio message it receives. However, you should pay attention to disciplined and SHORT passages in order not to occupy the frequency unnecessarily long. (A repetition of a passage needs the same time as the actual radio message)

PiCQ is currently in the test phase. Current version is PiCQ v1.41 Some features at a glance:

  • Room name and RX status can be displayed on an optional LCD display
  • Emergency radio mode (offline mode) PiCQ can now also be operated as a local HF gateway without an Internet connection.
  • Operation as CB relay (channel 40/41) is also possible.
  • Servers and rooms can now be changed via DTMF tones from the radio.
  • Switching function via DTMF. (With a corresponding action script, relays can now also be switched via DTMF.)
  • Switching function via Web UI. (The browser can now be used to switch relays.) (Keyword: SMARTHOME)
  • Timer. (2 relays can now be set as a timer from the Web-UI.) (Keyword: SMARTHOME)

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