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The download area is restricted at the moment! The current image can be downloaded, though.

PiCQ Download

PiCQ is in the release stage. This means that the software is basically functional, but may still contain some bugs. The download, installation and operation of the software is solely at the user's own risk. By downloading, installing and/or using the software, these conditions are accepted without exception.

The image was developed on a Raspberry Pi 2 and runs there. (Friends of 1A-Funkfeuer and www.wasnlos.ch have already successfully tested the software on a Pi3 and a Pi1. Thanks for that.) For the installation I suggest a SD card newer date, with a size of at least 4GB. An installation on a smaller card is no longer possible.

Latest Version

Download page for PiCQ V. 1.30 ⇐ (Status 15.12.2018 edited)

Additional programs/tools

The image is compressed with 7-ZIP, which is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Amiga and many more … can be downloaded from the manufacturer's site.

For flashing (write the image file on the SD card) I personally use „Etcher“. This is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSx. It can be downloaded from the manufacturer's site.

To connect to PiCQ via SSH under Linux and Mac OSx you can use their SSH clients for GUI and console.

ssh pi@picq


ssh pi@<IP-ADRESSE>

Users under Windows unfortunately have to download a third-party SSH client (Putty).


Login with Putty: Enter the hostname (picq) or IP address of the Raspberry and select SSH and click Open.

Language files:

Since „rc2_update2“ I have added language files. It is now possible to create a „lng.php“ file for your own language. This file can be edited with a normal text editor. I would be very happy if you would send me your language files by email, I will make them available for download here. The downloaded files are packed with 7Zip. To use it unzip the archive and copy only the file into the share „international“. (The already contained file (in german) can simply be overwritten or deleted before).

English 1.30

  • lng_ENG - NEW (15.12.2018) ready for Version 1.30.

(Machine translated) (Can be used as a basis for your own translations. Kann als Basis für eigene Übersetzungen genutzt werden.)


  • lng_ES (03.05.2018) Ahora también para RC2 Update3 y PiCQ Release Version)

(Traducción automática)

Suomalainen / Finnisch 1.30

  • lng_FI - (15.12.2018), Nyt myös versioon 1.30.

(Vielen Dank an Mika.R ( Bertta,SG3FTR ) für die Übersetzung)

(kiitos paljon Mika.R ( Bertta,SG3FTR ) käännös)

Polska / Polnisch

(Vielen Dank an Bartek Sosnowiec für die Übersetzung)

(Bardzo dziękuję Bartek Sosnowiec/ za tłumaczenie)

Deutsch 1.30

  • lng_DE - (15.12.2018) NEU, angepasst für Version 1.30.

(Die Standart-Sprachdatei, falls ihr beim Übersetzen mal einen Fehler macht. =))


  • lng_IT - (02.04.2018), ora pronto anche per rc2_update3 & Release Version.

(Vielen Dank an Ugo Favale ik1vhn 1fri2426 für die Übersetzung)

(Grazie mille a Ugo Favale ik1vhn 1fri2426 per la traduzione)

Tools & Action-Scripts:


  • ACC+ is a simple tool for creating a new FRN account under PiCQ.


Sound files for time announcement

  • Hours 16bit Time announcement in German language (female voice) and Greenwich sound

(many thank to Heiko; DAD379.)

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